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Working For Sponsors

Icon works with some of the nation’s most successful companies to create unique partnerships with well-known athletes that break the mold of traditional sponsorships. These partnerships have a charitable focus and showcase a common goal between the brand and athlete to make a positive difference in their community.


Companies can greatly benefit from an association with a popular athlete or sports team, but traditional sports sponsorships are often too expensive for many businesses. Icon specializes in building corporate partnerships between companies looking to showcase their philanthropic efforts and community-minded athletes seeking to make a positive difference in the lives of others. These partnerships can include consumer promotions which feature a give-back to a player’s charity, a sponsored program or project that links a brand with an athlete-supported community initiative or a PR/volunteer event, where employees can join the athlete in a volunteer opportunity or official unveiling of a project.

How We Can Help

Consumer Promotions 


Having your own public foundation gives you complete control of your charitable activities. You can select what organizations to partner with and plan foundation activities and events around your own schedule.


Icon specializes in building charitable foundations specifically for each client, developing programs to aid causes important to the athlete and operating them from A to Z. This includes fundraising, program and project development, public relations, accounting, event management and legal compliance. Whether you are looking to launch your own foundation, or are in need of administrative or fundraising support of your existing non-profit, Icon can help.

Sponsored Community Programs 


When an athlete makes the decision to make a positive difference in his or her community, that also presents the opportunity to change the way he or she is seen in the public eye.


Icon has the skills and experience to successfully manage an athlete’s public profile. Through coordinated plans that incorporate traditional media, social media and corporate and team partnerships, Icon works with each of its clients to develop a public relations strategy to highlight the good works he or she is doing in the community. We can also maintain client websites and social media accounts, and we always work in concert with the player’s agent and team to present a well-coordinated message.

Player Appearances/Events 


Starting your own foundation is not the only way to develop your own unique, branded community program. Often times, launching your own foundation is not the best option, as it can present significant administrative, time and financial responsibilities for the athlete.


Icon also manages The Dreambuilders Foundation, an existing 501c3 non-profit, that allows athletes to operate their own branded charitable programs under its umbrella, cutting out the need for any start-up costs and allowing the athlete to focus solely on the work he or she wants to do in the community. We specialize in helping athletes create their own unique community brand, even if it’s not through their own foundations.

Advertising/PR Campaigns 


As an athlete’s public profile increases, so do his or her opportunities for endorsements, paid appearances and other marketing partnerships.


Icon works hand-in-hand with a player’s agent and/or marketing representative to identify and execute marketing opportunities that are outside the traditional categories. These often include partnerships that have a community focus and include support for the athlete’s foundation or community program in addition to traditional endorsement elements like use of name and likeness, appearance fees, etc. We work with major sponsors all over the United States that value athlete endorsements and partnering with players on good works in the community.


Partnering Athletes With UnitedHealthcare On Community Programs

Icon has worked with UnitedHealthcare in markets across the country to build impactful and attention-grabbing community partnerships with prominent pro athletes.

Procuring Top Talent For JCPenney Store Appearances

Icon works with JCPenney and other major retailers to provide well-known athletes for store openings and appearances.

Developing Community-Based Campaigns For Papa Johns

Icon has secured top athletes in several markets for a consumer promotion with Papa Johns that gives a portion of sales back to community programs.

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Icon Sports & Entertainment specializes in finding unique ways to connect athletes to sponsors, community organizations and their fans.


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